2014-10-15 00:00:00
There are only two known copies of the first book printed in Lithuanian. The Vilnius University copy has now been imaged using the special earlybook imaging system supplied by IT Gama.

The earlybook imaging system does much more than take high quality images. It takes back lit images and it takes images by infra red.
Back lighting allows watermarks to be revealed. Before the university used the earlybook
imaging system it was thought that there were no watermarks in the book. However careful
use of the back lighting system soon showed that there are watermarks throughout the
book. The watermark is a special crown. The same paper was used by the same printer,
Hans Weinreich, for other books. Here is the watermark:-

The special infra red camera and lights, which are part of the earlybook imaging system,
are for advanced research. For instance they have been used at University College
London to ‘remove’ spilled ink from another first edition book - the 1513 Psalter in Ge’ez
the religious language of Ethiopia. Here is an example:-

The next step is to add music and singing to the twenty pages of the Catechismusa which
have the music score. This work has already started. A sample can be heard by
downloading the following pdf:-
It is essential, that when you have downloaded the file, you open the file with Adobe
Acrobat. The Acrobat application is needed to make sure that the sound files are activated
and it does need to be accessed from a Mac or PC with Flash installed. A tablet probably
won't allow access to the voice and music files.

The music and the singing are by Ms. Aušrinė Aurelia Apanavičiūtė with thanks to the
Roman Catholic Church of St Casimir in London.

The Author: Ian Christie-Miller