About us

Who are we?

IT Gama - professional IT service company, with a team of experienced, qualified professionals who understand perfectly the different areas of IT (digitization, infrastructure, security solutions, etc.).

Above all, assessing the quality and seeking to ensure the provision of professional services, we work with well-known, recognized andtrusted manufacturers.

We are certified by HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Avision, Epson business partners in Lithuania and Zeutschel, ImageAccess, Qidenus, Avira, IQ Board and other manufacturer‘s distributor in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, so we can offer very broad range of technological solutions.

What we do?

We sell computers and computer accessories, digital photographic equipment, software, interactive whiteboards, and appendices, microform reader machines, book, document, network, wireless scanners, multifunction peripherals, servers, data storage, network equipment.

We offer advanced integrated IT solutions for businesses. We provide IT maintenance of corporations, network security and management solutions. We optimize the preservation and transmission of data streams.

We provide warranty and post-warranty repairs.

Our Mission

  • Provide customers with professional IT services and offer the highest quality products, to develop a long-term and reliable partnership with our clients.
  • Promote innovative technological solutions.
  • Create added business value to our customer and partner.

Our Vision

Leading professional IT services provider in Lithuania and other Baltic countries, whose activity is based on the following principles:

  • Long-term, loyal partnership, open and honest communication with each client;
  • Ability to offer to clients advanced technology solutions for the most available price;
  • Securing our service and product quality;
  • Surpass the expectations of our customers.

Why IT Gama?

We offer exclusive, modern, world's leading manufacturer‘s products. We are a leading scanning hardware and software distributor in the Baltic states.

High qualification and years of experience in the IT field of our staff allows us to offer the highest quality services that meet customers' needs.

  • We appreciate the valuable customer‘s time, so work quickly.
  • We offer high quality products at low prices.
  • We are focused on long-term and reliable partnership, therefore, strive to exceed customer expectations. We always try to answer to your questions in detail consult, advise and assist the client to make the optimum technological solution suitable for both private clients and various businesses and industries and sectors.
In order to ensure the highest quality of customer service, our company cooperates only with well-known, reliable partners and is certified as business partner in Lithuania by HP, EMC, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Microsoft, Epson, Intel  and as distributor and service center for Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for Zeutschel, Avision, Image Access, Cruse, Inotec, Qidenus IQ Board and other manufacturers.